did done hat like a maniac (uphated)

of course i had ‘maailman sivu’ in pdf, just added an ebook isbn… of course i had lost both ‘ei vielä mutta jo’ (~ not yet but already) and Tsvetaeva’s ‘Valitut runot’ in pdf… had to dtp them from the beginning, fucking tedious, arse eating job… added a bonus at the end of ‘ei vielä mutta jo’… 42 poems in english… now those three are ready in a pdf ebook format… but hat ain’t nothin… i know calibre but eye hayn’t the faintest fucking idea how to build up those books in .epub, .mobi, .prc etc. from scratch… no fucking standard t-here, and why the fuck kindle must use it’s own .azw… stupid fucking idiots… – morehover i never ever read fucking manuals, or let’s put it another way, i prefer hemp to reeding finis novels…

kokeilin kindlen maksullista palvelua joka konvertoi kirjoja .azv-formaattiin, ehkä se toimii jos teksti on laatikkoproosaa… pdf:ksi taitetun runokirjan se sukkaa lukukelvottomaksi, yhdistelee ja pätkii säkeet jne. jne. – ja sitten vielä ipad… i wastecoat my precious dime, t-here dust not ex ist a | irrea listeric, stupid hubris, none, than my feckin project ebook, it’s so suckin naive, who the heck i tink gonna reed hemp, any way… butt cuz i started dis fuckin projector, eye’ll complete it… before project berlin.


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