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Internet Tablet OS 2007 Hacker Edition

link for Nokia 770…. and there´s also KDE & XFCE ports for both devices: 770 and 800… amazing projects these last two…


Internet Tablet OS 2006 Final

at AFAIK now, google talk & jabber chat & voip, fullsize ‘finger keyboard’ added of course you can also use bluetooth keyboards like su-8w etc., and yes it is a mini computer with xterm & bells and whistles build on debian distro.

maemo mistral (v2.0)

roadmap: instant messaging, IRC and voice and video over IP is called Telepathy. There are also new March 31, 2006 How-to’s.


with nokia 770; pictures of Intel ultra mobile PC look like 770 and so are Microsoft Origami´s too, 770 is a fullfeatured computer running Maemo (< Debian Linux), but Windows running on Origami… oh my god, that must be disaster…

TeamViewer & VNC

Free Remote Control (VNC) Desktop-Sharing and FileTransfer Works behind any Firewall and Port of VNC to Maemo with install instructions. Also preliminary port of Evince is available.

nokia 770 apps

Also Gnumeric spreadsheet is soon available for 770. AbiWord v2.4.1, a fullfeatured wordprocessor (it can import/export for instance MS Word docs) is already Application Installer Ready and works just fine. More Installer Ready Applications: Maemo ApplicationCatalog Page. – Let´s say that XTerminal Emulator is a must for a Linux user. New ones: Bash shell and BT xfer. Built-in Opera browser and email -client are ok.

The device finds wi-fi spots quickly and without hassle, the display, high-resolution (800×480) touch screen with up to 65,536 colors is very sharp, easy to read and work with. Hooking up a bluetooth keyboard, 770 is a miniminilaptop and running on open source there will be lots of apps for it in no time. – Virtual keyboard is much better than in Palms, i don´t believe in text recognition, have not even tried that yet.

Nokia 770

linkkejä Nokia 770 Blog, jonka Subscriptions -palkissa lisää linkkejä. Ja OpenSource.Nokia.

Nokia Internet Tablet 770

on nyt myynnissä.

Linuxin Debian -distrosta muokatun Open Source -käyttiksen päällä pyörivän ‘tabletin’ speksit ja demot täällä.

first nokia 770