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avin' triple dual watt ever multiboot

and all the akkunat oses beein’ such fuckin’ fuck uppers & suckers… surely some fuckin’ mourning u ave no multiboot… coz akkunat boot loader wants to wipe yer ass two… dis iz the quickest way to recover your grub & menu.lst… if u got lilo… mutatis mutandis…


jesus luz… fucking incestuous

perverts – i’ll use this…

two onliners

Jetbytes on-the-fly file transfer and Fizy an online jukebox with ‘kindof’ video…

stuck with ips

if not
> cmd
> netsh winsock reset catalog

uralin perhosesta tarkemmin

Minun Venäjäni blogissa ja Uralin Perhosen kuunnelmaversio on täällä, kaunis teksti…

my umrk in spain suntuupissas

fact u ally this is for myself to remember the place – sorry for the terrible quality, this was the first time ever i used camera for making ‘a video’.

uh huh eh

sosnovyi borin kirkko
on neitsyt marian palavan pensaan
ikonille pyhitetty

spring summer fall and winter

pioni lootus
ja luumu



open source alternatives

Gimp v2.2.14 Open Source Photoshop´s alternative, Inkscape v0.46 Open Source Vector Graphics Editor for Linux, Mac OS X (Universal) and Windows, and Scribus v1.3.3.9 Open Source Desktop Publishing for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows – postari- ja pdf -tulostus.